250 Words Book


AILA Sit & Play
250 Words Book

Adorable illustrations of Animal Island scenes, characters, and subjects delight your child’s imagination and inspires them to enjoy learning their first letters and words.

12 months +

The producers, educators, and innovators of Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) proudly present this unique picture dictionary that’s part of the AILA Sit & Play Virtual Preschool Learning System.

  • 250 first words
  • 88 beautiful illustrated pages
  • Large-format book makes learning fun
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Letter tracing exercises teach stroke order
  • Hidden picture games
  • Activity pages for shapes, numbers, counting, and colors

Preview Pages

Four Books in One

Picture Book

Objects are associated with your child’s everyday life, and pages are based on appropriate early literacy development themes.

First Dictionary

Alphabet and letter order are taught while familiar words are associated with the letters to expand vocabulary. When your child reads the pictures and sees the words while pronouncing them, they soon begin to recognize sound-letter associations.

Letter Tracing

Large letters with guidance showing correct stroke order for each letter develops fine motor skills and visual familiarity.

Hidden Pictures

Confidence and visual perception are improved when your child searches for objects in colorful environments and finds them. This promotes attention to detail and increases attention span.

Pre-Literacy to Literacy

The 250 Words book content is integrated with the objective of the AI-driven AILA preschool curriculum to raise confident learners. The carefully selected words and activities provide a foundation for early literacy that, together with your child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language learning development, have a direct effect on their future academic success.

Enjoyable Over and Over Again

Frequent exposure to the 250 Word book allows your toddler to get better with the content, and they’ll be delighted to share what they’ve learned with parents or caregivers. Together with AILA Sit & Play, the 250 Words book becomes a wonderful balance between meaningful on- and off-screen time.

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