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Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) is the perfect solution for daycare educators in innovative, fun, and engaging ways with high-quality content.

All-in-One Daycare Solutions

Daycares and preschools face many challenges including accessibility, quality of preschool programs, and under-prepared teachers. The ongoing pandemic has provided an additional need to quickly adapt and find new ways to provide educational experiences.

AILA Sit & Play can help. With our full line of preschool products, developed by educators and experts, turn your daycare into a learning adventure that supports Kindergarten readiness.

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AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System for Toddlers
AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System for Toddlers
AILA Sit & Play Deluxe

AILA Sit & Play

Animal Island Learning Adventure - 250 Words Book

250 Words Book

Animal Island Learning Adventure - Read Aloud Stories Book

Read Aloud Stories Book

Classroom Posters

Daycare Review

“I work with inner city kids from middle and low income families. They deserve the best. I believe they can have a promising beginning and a good foundation of learning. I’m very thankful they can get a head start with AILA.”

New Life Harvest Church
Maria Benjamin

Director of Next Generation Learning Center
Richmond, VA

Preschool Curriculum for Daycare

AILA Sit & Play offers a fun and robust preschool curriculum that centers around building the learning skills needed to be ready for kindergarten. The learning experiences with the Animal Island characters provide toddlers and preschoolers with fun opportunities to develop literacy, 21st Century skills, and STEAM skills.

What They Learn

AILA Teaches ABCs


Letter names, letter sounds, and how to write upper and lowercase letters

AILA Teaches 123s


Counting to 20, number recognition, and identifying groups of objects

AILA Teaches Vocabulary


First words for every letter of the alphabet, including foods, colors, and animals


Kindergarten Readiness

Critical thinking, creativity, attention, communication, and other essential learning skills

How They Learn

AILA Teaches by Stories


Our collection of 60 storybooks chosen especially for toddlerse

AILA Teaches by Music


Classic songs that support language development & self-expression

AILA Teaches by Movement


Activities to enhance toddlers’ gross motor skills and creativity

AILA Teaches by Social-Emotional

Social-Emotional Learning

Playful characters demonstrate friendship skills & critical thinking

Protective Cuddle Case & Secure Soft Base sold separately.

AILA Sit & Play

Great for small group learning!

AILA Sit & Play offers high-quality preschool content developed by professional educators and innovators. A perfect solution for creating engaging learning stations! During each curated session, AILA engages toddlers with songs, stories, and key concepts, such as letters, numbers, vocabulary, shapes, and colors.

  • Complete Preschool Curriculum
  • Free Content Updates
  • No Ads
  • No Subscription Required

Read Aloud Stories Book

All 60 Read Aloud Stories Featured on AILA

Read Aloud Stories contains the complete library of all sixty storybooks included in AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System. Delight your students by reading these stories aloud, or students can follow along as Mr. Goose reads them on AILA Sit & Play.

250 Words Book

Letters, Vocabulary, and Hidden Picture Adventures

This large-format book is perfect for hands-on learning with your class. Designed to introduce the letters A-Z with key words, matching illustrations, and oversized letters for tracing.

  • 250 first words with matching illustrations
  • Letters and letter tracing
  • Counting and numbers
  • Hidden picture games
  • Activity pages for shapes, colors, body parts, and more
  • Large format makes learning easy and fun!

Classroom Posters

Designed to reinforce the preschool curriculum toddlers are learning through AILA Sit & Play and the 250 Words Book. Children will love seeing these posters in their classroom and recognizing their animal friends on Animal Island.

Infant-to-Preschool Milestones Chart

Download, print, and use this chart as a reference for planning age-appropriate activities.

Preschool Teacher Review

“For the last two months, I have been using AILA Sit & Play at home and at school. In my classroom, I use AILA as a learning center. My pre-k students enjoy the fun and engaging songs and stories. The AILA center is one of their favorites to visit. At home, my son loves to hear the songs about colors. I can say that because of his engagement with AILA Sit & Play, he has mastered all his colors! AILA Sit & Play is a great tool for learning through play.”

Jamaica Kirby

Preschool Teacher

Daycare Review

“Since our schools have all shut down, many parents were worried that their children would not be ready to advance to the next grade or forget a lot of what they had learned in the public school pre-k program. Because we are able to track their progress as they progress through the curriculum at their own pace, each child has their own AILA Sit & Play labeled with their name.”

Cora’s Cottage Care

Houston, TX

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Contact us today for general inquiries or to schedule a product demo. Bulk pricing available!

What Parents Are Saying

“I got it for my three year old daughter last week and not only does she love it, but I’ve grown to love watching it by her side too. The content is entertaining, educational, and gets quite catchy, so don’t be surprised if you start humming along to the tunes.”

– MNap88

“I am a voice teacher, my husband an English professor, and we were both impressed with the iterative learning process of AILA Sit & Play. It exceeded my wildest expectations. The DMAI team has done amazing work in creating an at-home preschool experience.”

– Margaret

“With day care closed and both myself and my husband working from home, we are desperate trying to entertain our 2.5 year-old son. This device is really the only thing that helps keep him occupied! My favorite feature is checking in on him through the app.”

– Cissty

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Animal Island Learning Adventure
Animal Island Learning Adventure