The Perfect Daycare Program

Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) provides an innovative, fun, and engaging tool for daycare educators.

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We know how important it is to give every child the best possible learning opportunities, but it isn't easy. Use AILA as a teaching tool so that all your students are learning all the time!

From a Teacher

I can’t say enough about how great this program is!

I am a teacher myself, and AILA has so many amazing qualities to it that my child has truly blossomed. AILA is a part of our daily morning routine. My son calls it his ‘lesson’ and asks for it every morning!

We Help You Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

Our preschool and daycare programs are designed to maximize kindergarten readiness

JellyBean Junction Preschool

They really got into learning their letters and singing along with the animals

By observing our children using AILA, we have realized that their attention span is more than fifteen minutes. We timed it and it was actually thirty minutes!

The Award-Winning

AILA Sit & Play

Preschool content developed by professional educators and innovators. A perfect solution for creating engaging learning stations! During each curated session, AILA engages toddlers with songs, stories, and key concepts, such as letters, numbers, vocabulary, shapes, and colors.

Read Aloud Stories Book

Read Aloud Stories contains the complete library of all 60 storybooks included in AILA Sit & Play. Read these stories aloud, or students can follow along as Mr. Goose reads them on AILA Sit & Play.

250 Words Book

This large-format book is perfect for hands-on learning with your class. Designed to introduce the letters A-Z with key words, matching illustrations, and oversized letters for tracing.

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Comprehensive and Versatile

Daycare Review

Hear from Maria Benjamin, Director of Next Generation Learning Center

I work with inner city kids from middle and low income families. They deserve the best. I believe they can have a promising beginning and a good foundation of learning. I’m very thankful they can get a head start with AILA.

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