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AILA saved us from many meltdowns. I love that our little one can sit on her own and watch but most importantly learn new things from her AILA everyday. Her favorite character is PIG and his letter of the day song/dance.

- Pierina H.

My Grandbaby loves this product. He can't wait to get home from school so that he can play with it. It's my FAVORITE babysitter. He is also learning so much.


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Within two weeks she is repeating letters, and numbers. She learned how to say hello and says hi and waves her hands. She has these burst of excitement watching this. She tries to sing along with the songs. It’s just great the way it engages her. The Product has an AI system that learns what engages your child and when they lose interest. My granddaughter didn’t care too much about story time so the AI removed it instantly the moment she was lost interest. It customizes the learning to your child’s interest.

- Miamigranny

AILA is a safe place for our daughter to learn. We don’t have to worry about ads or commercials, but can know that she feels comfortable with the pleasant characters. A device will never take the place of family learning experiences or one-on-one parent to child teaching opportunities, but AILA is a tool that we trust with our children when life pulls us away.

Jenny White, Mom of 3

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Logan began learning with AILA when she was 16 months old. When she first began with AILA she was speaking in full sentences with a basic vocabulary understanding.


In the short 3 1/2 months we have had it, his vocabulary has exploded beyond measure! He went from mostly signing and saying just a few words to saying and singing dozens.


As a teacher, I can say with confidence that if the children I teach had arrived at school with the foundation that AILA sets, they would be fine, even in this tough education climate.

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And as your child ages and develops, so too will this “edutainment system”; the activities grow ever more complex, so the system will remain appealing and educational for years.

“This product spoke to me because of my not-so-popular stance on children using technology. We are the ‘weird family’ that does not have iPads and iPhones for our children. After I had the chance to learn more about this product, I realized it was the perfect solution for us. I firmly believe the RIGHT technology, used both at the appropriate age and length of time daily, can be a WONDERFUL teaching tool!”

Tiffany Krumins, Founder of Mom Genius and the first winner of Shark Tank