The Only Tablet Made for Toddlers

Expertly crafted curriculum paired with next-gen AI. Read why Sit & Play is the best learning platform for you little one.

No ads or inappropriate content.

Never search for, skip, or stop another video. Sit & Play is a closed content system that plans your toddlers learning for you.

That means no Youtube, Amazon, or any other apps, so you don't have to worry.

Proven System of Iterative Learning

Sit & Play has helped kids overcome tough subjects, learning deficits, even speech impediments. AILA teaches key concepts through lessons, songs, games, and more.

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AILA is a part of our daily morning routine. My son calls it his ‘lesson’ and asks for it every morning!

I love that it focuses on a new letter daily but also at the end of each lesson will review a skill they learned from the past. We started AILA when my son was 22 months, and he is now 25 months.


Get Ahead for Preschool

The Sit & Play is loaded with educator crafted content, designed for early stage learning. AILA is the best way to get numbers, letters, and colors down, well before the classroom.

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Built with little ones in mind

Sit & Play has its own sturdy pedestal for kids who can't hold a tablet yet. Set it up in your child's lap, on their high-chair, on the floor, or any flat surface.

Stay in the Loop

Your toddler's learning journey is available to you on the AILA for Parents app. Schedule lessons, change modes, and more to give your toddler exactly what they need.

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Why Sit & Play

From a Parent

AILA is a safe place for our daughter to learn. We don’t have to worry about ads or commercials, but can know that she feels comfortable with the pleasant characters. A device will never take the place of family learning experiences or one-on-one parent to child teaching opportunities, but AILA is a tool that we trust with our children when life pulls us away.

Jenny White, Mom of 3

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