AILA Sit & Play™ Companion Bundle
AILA Sit & Play™ Companion Bundle
AILA Sit & Play™ Companion Bundle
AILA Sit & Play™ Companion Bundle

Animal Island

AILA Sit & Play™ Companion Bundle

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Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) is an essential virtual preschool learning system, exclusively on a toddler-friendly device that is hands-free, worry-free, all-in-one intelligent monitor and edutainment system.

    • Teaches ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, words, reading, and music

    • Hands-free, worry-free, and without any ads

    • Adapts to your child’s learning style

    • Developed by educators and innovators

    • Free mobile app for parents to track learning

    • Free content updates



    • AILA Sit & Play

    • Protective Cuddle Case

  • Hedgehog Plush

Award-Winning AILA Preschool Curriculum

These posters reinforce the preschool skills toddlers are learning through Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Preschool Learning System. Children will love seeing these posters in their bedroom and classroom and recognizing their animal friends on Animal Island.

Transform Any Room

Decorate your walls to encourage daily growth of vocabulary and preschool skills.

Hands-On Learning

Bright colors and engaging characters capture the attention of toddlers, while introducing the alphabet, words, numbers, counting, shapes and colors.

Perfect for Classrooms

These posters are perfect for making multi-sensory lessons and allow children to learn visually and as a class.