AILA Protective Set
AILA Protective Set
AILA Protective Set

Animal Island

AILA Protective Set

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  • AILA Protective Set includes one AILA Protective Cuddle Case and one AILA Secure Soft Base.
  • AILA Protective Cuddle Case is designed to protect and perfectly fit your AILA Sit & Play. 100% silicone case that envelopes the front of the device.
  • AILA Secure Soft Base: With both feet out, and looking cuter than ever, AILA stays seated in one place with the detachable suction base. Once attached to a surface, simply pull upwards on the tab to easily release the Secure Soft Base.
  • AILA Protective Set does NOT include the AILA Sit & Play unit.

Award-Winning AILA Preschool Curriculum

These posters reinforce the preschool skills toddlers are learning through Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Preschool Learning System. Children will love seeing these posters in their bedroom and classroom and recognizing their animal friends on Animal Island.

Transform Any Room

Decorate your walls to encourage daily growth of vocabulary and preschool skills.

Hands-On Learning

Bright colors and engaging characters capture the attention of toddlers, while introducing the alphabet, words, numbers, counting, shapes and colors.

Perfect for Classrooms

These posters are perfect for making multi-sensory lessons and allow children to learn visually and as a class.