AILA Sit & Play - Certified Refurbished

AILA Sit & Play - Certified Refurbished

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  • Complete at-home preschool curriculum including ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, vocabulary, reading, and much more
  • Delivers the right content at the right time for your toddler’s cognitive development
  • Includes 100 storybooks, over 20 classic sing-alongs, and 20 lullabies
  • Free mobile app for parents to track learning

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In Less than 2 minutes

Why Sit & Play

And as your child ages and develops, so too will this “edutainment system”; the activities grow ever more complex, so the system will remain appealing and educational for years.

Educator Crafted Curriculum

Designed for Preschool Readiness

Fun and complete preschool learning for a toddler to sing-along, dance and learn their ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, words, stories, and music.

the right content at the right time

Automatically Tailored to Your Toddler's Needs

Our cognitive AI chooses lessons based on your child's specific needs and progress

Companion App

Keep track of your child's learning

AILA for Parents mobile app allows you to manage learning modes, review learning sessions, check in on your toddler, and much more!

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