AILA Preschool Flash Cards - Essentials

AILA Preschool Flash Cards - Essentials

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    • ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, body parts & feelings
    • Initial letter sounds
    • 85 two-sided premium flash cards
    • Activity ideas
    • Over 100 vocabulary words
    • Counting up to 20
    • Large letters for finger tracing
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Perfect for Little Ones

Extra Thick and Rounded

Keep little fingers safe as toddlers develop their fine motor skills – the foundation for writing, art, and self-care.

Oversized and Durable

Extra large, bright and colorful illustrations support visual literacy and cognitive growth, enabling toddlers to learn with confidence while boosting kindergarten readiness.


Each picture side features a vocabulary word and a beautiful illustration that represents everyday objects toddlers will recognize, promoting real-world connections and further discovery.

More Than Just Vocab

The back of each card offers a fun activity with questions and games to reinforce your toddler’s learning, letter fluency, word building, phonics, spelling, and much more.

Learning Begins with You

Going over just 10 flash cards a day is enough to boost your child's cognitive development!

Each card includes a unique skill-building activity on the back. With the flip of a card, play learning games with your early learner to help them with counting, identifying key details, and expressive language skills.

Build Vocabulary

Eighty-five (85) colorful and premium cards that build vocabulary by introducing names of animals, foods, household objects, maps, vehicles, musical instruments, counting, and feelings. An excellent resource for at-home and in-class learning.

Promote Early Literacy

Identifying words quickly is a fundamental part of learning to read fluently. With our First Words Flash Cards, toddlers will develop a love for reading and learning that lasts a lifetime.

Practice Phonics

Our flash cards introduce and reinforce vocabulary words in ways that toddlers will find fun and engaging. Each card makes learning accessible, helping toddlers boost their confidence and build a love for learning and participating.

Play Learning Games

By using flash cards to teach alphabet letters, we help toddlers create strong links between the name, sound, and picture of each letter. This visual, auditory, and sensory approach to teaching literacy activates memory and creates a lasting learning experience.