AILA Pre-K Read Aloud Stories Book

When you open the Read Aloud Stories book and read aloud to your little one, you are helping them find delight in the power of stories to change lives, minds, and hearts. In those precious moments, you become your child's first teacher, and your lessons last a lifetime.

Encourage an early love of reading and learning

This softcover book contains the complete library of all sixty storybooks that were thoughtfully curated by the educators and innovators at DMAI for the Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Preschool Learning System.

  • 400+ page softcover book
  • Includes the 60 storybooks from AILA Sit & Play
  • Curated content for early learning
  • Encourages an early love of reading
  • Builds literacy & language skills
  • Promotes narrative appreciation
  • Reinforces Vocabulary
  • Improves attention span & patience

A shared library of 60 storybooks

The 60 delightful storybooks that AILA Sit & Play reads to your toddler is also in the Read Aloud Stories book for you to read aloud and start the learning journey for your little one.

AILA Sit & Play

Watch Hello story on AILA Sit & Play

Read Aloud Stories Book

Read Hello story in the Read Aloud Stories Book

400+ Pages of 60 Storybooks

The Read Aloud Stories open doors of knowledge, adventure, and fun for children. The stories provide continued exposure to educational content from letters to numbers, stories to music, social skills, and problem-solving.

Make Story Time Anytime

Your voice becomes magical for your little one while reading aloud to them. The back and forth dialogue fosters collaboration and exposes children to the joy of reading stories. Reading aloud stories about other children and their experiences helps children move from babyhood to toddlerhood.

Reinforce Vocabulary

Language is first learned by listening. Reading aloud to your child exposes them to new words in new contexts to help build their vocabulary.

Improve Attention Span

Being read to allows a slower unfolding of events and ideas, which encourages children to listen, pay attention, and concentrate. Children enjoy having the same story read to them over and over because it helps their memorization skills.

Develop Concentration & Patience

Reading aloud with your toddler is a quality bonding time that strengthens your child’s relationship and helps develop patience and concentration, making them better at conversation and conflict resolution.

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