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“I am a voice teacher, my husband an English professor, and we were both impressed with the iterative learning process of AILA Sit & Play. It exceeded my wildest expectations. The DMAI team has done amazing work in creating an at-home preschool experience.”

– Margaret

“With day care closed and both myself and my husband working from home, we are desperate trying to entertain our 2.5 year-old son. This device is really the only thing that helps keep him occupied! My favorite feature is checking in on him through the app.”

– Cissty

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"a little too early for my 15 month old nephew to focus but at some points he was able to. overall great product doesnt get hot and easy to work with. also doubles as a baby monitor aince you can access the camera while the toddler is using it. thats a big plus for me. It was good since he couldnt exit the modules unlike using the ipad. overall this is a good purchase."

- dani

Me encantó para mi hija


"Me gusta mucho que el diseño sea robusto, en estas semanas estaré viendo como trabaja la tableta."

- Amazon Customer

Helping two year old with speech delays


"This was a gift for our 2 year old daughter, from Grandma and Grandpa. It has been great. Our little one gets excited to watch and learn with the Aila. If we say "Aila!" and she sees us turn it on, or hears its sounds from down the hallway---our little trooper is running to go watch. She started repeating (attempting too) sounds, and trying to play and emulate the "kids" in the background, and her engagement only increases every day.We are thrilled with the device, and very excited as it helps her develop."

- dreamer82

Best device I’ve seen so far


"My son is 19 months and autistic and his love this device and he actually sat with it and watched it!"

- Amazon Customer



"We love love love the AILA sit and play. We got this for our 2 year old as a Christmas present and he doesn’t want to put it down! He’s already learning his 1,2,3’s and ABCs! The best part is I get to send him pictures in a mail!"

- Akosua Adu



"My two year old loves this device and the video chat feature is really awesome ."

- Krista



"Awesome way for my 19 month old to start learning pre-school. Highly recommended. "

- Gerardo J Camarena

Great sit and play tablet!


"Great learning activity even for younger than 12 months"

- Mike

“AILA is a safe place for our daughter to learn. We don’t have to worry about ads or commercials, but can know that she feels comfortable with the pleasant characters. A device will never take the place of family learning experiences or one-on-one parent to child teaching opportunities, but AILA is a tool that we trust with our children when life pulls us away.”

Jenny White

Mom of three

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mabel + moxie

“This is truly curriculum you would expect to find in a preschool classroom without any of the junk you typically try to avoid elsewhere.”

The Strategist

“And as your child ages and develops, so too will this “edutainment system”; the activities grow ever more complex, so the system will remain appealing and educational for years.”

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“With curated content that is designed to stimulate your early learning, this tablet has AI technology that will keep your child engaged.”


“If you’re looking for an educational activity for your preschoolers that will keep them busy long enough for you to get things done, the Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Sit & Play might do the trick.”

Parenting Healthy

“I think I found the most genius learning screen ever made for babies and toddlers.”

The Toy Book

“This is an amazing technology, as I mentioned, very critical during these times.”

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“This product spoke to me because of my not-so-popular stance on children using technology. We are the ‘weird family’ that does not have iPads and iPhones for our children. After I had the chance to learn more about this product, I realized it was the perfect solution for us. I firmly believe the RIGHT technology, used both at the appropriate age and length of time daily, can be a WONDERFUL teaching tool!”

Tiffany Krumins

Founder of Mom Genius and the first winner of Shark Tank

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