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We love to celebrate our AILA Scholars, our future leaders, the joyful toddlers who journey a bit further in their learning with each new day, supported by their loving families and communities.

“AILA saved us from many meltdowns. I love that our little one can sit on her own and watch but most importantly learn new things from her AILA everyday. Her favorite character is PIG and his letter of the day song/dance.”

– Pierina H.

“Using AILA Sit & Play had been a great tool for my grandson. My grandson is fully engaged and interacts with the characters and the lessons. He has started to use his words more often. He repeats the letters, sounds and numbers. He loves the stories and the music. It appears that he feels like he is interacting with the characters and enjoys playing with them. Currently he is an only child and during these Covid-19 times, it is a way of him feeling like he has “friends” to interact with and to mimic and follow.”

– Judy O.


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We love it!!


"This is an amazing learning tool. My daughter loves it. It's age appropriate and super fun for little ones."

- Erica Lee



"My daughter got this as a gift from her cousin n she enjoys using this product what a great learning tool Very much age appropriate"

- Apples



"This product is definitely age appropriate and very easy to use! The customer service is phenomenal ❣️"

- Amy Coles

Child love this!


"10/10 Love broadcasting mode, and being able to start a learning session with the app!"

- Jose Rivera



"Love this little tablet for my son. Super helpful and recommend it to anybody who has kids !"

- Kathleen

Captures and Keeps Attention


"I bought this item for my 17 month old granddaughter. She loves it! It keeps her attention for about 15 minutes at a time. My daughter uses it to "teach" my granddaughter a couple times a day. One of the coolest features is the ability to check in on your learner. You can download an app and watch your child learning. Fun videos, songs, and stories will keep your child's attention."

- M. Berto



"We love our AILA Sit & Play. We received it as a gift for our 1yo boy, he enjoys dancing along to the music and seeing all the animals! Our 6yo also enjoys watching his brother. I love the DMAI customer service!! We had an issue with our device and it was resolved so easily and quickly! Could not recommend enough for young children."

- Tessa Johnson



"We love it! My wife had researched the product, and we did delay our purchase as i’m sure some may have when making a purchase for a digital device for your child Especially when it costs more. however i will say, don’t delay, i do believe the sooner you purchase it the better. our son just turned 3 and loves it so much. from the moment we turned it on. it is made with quality, and durable. it just captured his attention and he interacts very well with it & it’s something great to do together, especially since we have been working on having a home curriculum for him since recently turning 3."

- Anthony R.

“AILA is a safe place for our daughter to learn. We don’t have to worry about ads or commercials, but can know that she feels comfortable with the pleasant characters. A device will never take the place of family learning experiences or one-on-one parent to child teaching opportunities, but AILA is a tool that we trust with our children when life pulls us away.”

Jenny White, Mom of three

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mabel + moxie

“This is truly curriculum you would expect to find in a preschool classroom without any of the junk you typically try to avoid elsewhere.”

The Strategist

“And as your child ages and develops, so too will this “edutainment system”; the activities grow ever more complex, so the system will remain appealing and educational for years.”

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“With curated content that is designed to stimulate your early learning, this tablet has AI technology that will keep your child engaged.”


“If you’re looking for an educational activity for your preschoolers that will keep them busy long enough for you to get things done, the Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Sit & Play might do the trick.”

Parenting Healthy

“I think I found the most genius learning screen ever made for babies and toddlers.”

The Toy Book

“This is an amazing technology, as I mentioned, very critical during these times.”

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“This product spoke to me because of my not-so-popular stance on children using technology. We are the ‘weird family’ that does not have iPads and iPhones for our children. After I had the chance to learn more about this product, I realized it was the perfect solution for us. I firmly believe the RIGHT technology, used both at the appropriate age and length of time daily, can be a WONDERFUL teaching tool!”

Tiffany Krumins

Founder of Mom Genius and the first winner of Shark Tank

Animal Island Learning Adventure
Animal Island Learning Adventure