AILA Sit & Play

AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System for Toddlers
AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System for Toddlers
AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System for Toddlers

Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Sit & Play

  • Complete at-home preschool curriculum including ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, vocabulary, reading, and much more
  • Delivers the right content at the right time for your toddler’s cognitive development
  • Includes over 60 storybooks, 20 classic sing-alongs, and 20 lullabies
  • Content kept fresh with free updates
  • Free mobile app for parents to track learning
  • Hands-free and no ads

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AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System for Toddlers

What You Get

AILA  Sit & Play

Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play

Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) learning sessions provide quality preschool experiences and social emotional development to better prepare your child for preschool.

Preschool Educational Content

Free Content Updates

Regular updated content created by educators, covering literacy, numeracy, and essential skills for a toddler’s critical first years of learning.

AILA for Parents

AILA for Parents

AILA for Parents mobile app allows you to manage learning modes, review learning sessions, check in on your toddler, and much more! Learn more

  • ABCs, 123s, Colors & Shapes
  • 250 Vocabulary Words
  • 60 Curated Storybooks
  • 20 Classic Sing-Alongs
  • 20 Soothing Lullabies

What They Learn

AILA Teaches ABCs


Letter names, letter sounds, and how to write upper and lowercase letters

AILA Teaches 123s


Counting to 20, number recognition, and identifying groups of objects

AILA Teaches Vocabulary


First words for every letter of the alphabet, including foods, colors, and animals



Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – presented in an age-appropriate manner

How They Learn

AILA Teaches by Stories


A collection of 60 storybooks chosen to delight the youngest learners and instill a love of reading.

AILA Teaches by Music


Familiar songs that support your child’s language development, early literacy, and self-expression.

AILA Teaches by Movement


Activities to enhance your toddler’s motor skills and creativity.

AILA Teaches by Social-Emotional


Playful characters demonstrate problem-solving, friendship skills, creativity, and critical thinking.

AILA Sit & Play - The Right Content at the Right Time

The Right Content
at the Right Time

Your toddler will begin a learning journey with AILA Sit & Play that guides them to a future of independent learning and academic success.

Watch Learning Session

Curated by Educators & Innovators

Developed and curated by educators and innovators, Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play provides a fun and complete preschool learning system blended automatically for a toddler to sing-along, dance and learn their ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, words, stories, and music.

Daily Learning Adventures

Your toddler will sing along, read out loud, dance, learn ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes, words, and stories together with their animal friends. Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) curriculum provides quality preschool experiences and social emotional development to better prepare your child for preschool and kindergarten.

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AILA Sit & Play Teaches Toddlers the Alphabet

“AILA saved us from many meltdowns. I love that our little one can sit on her own and watch but most importantly learn new things from her AILA every day. Her favorite character is PIG and his letter of the day song/dance.”

– Pierina H.

Parent Review of AILA Sit & Play

AILA Sit & Play Accessories (including Protective Cuddle Case and Secure Soft Base) are sold separately.

Start The Learning Journey!

AILA featured on Popular Science

“The best tablet for toddlers. A sturdy option for teaching your little ones the basics.”

AILA featured on Mabel + Moxie

“This is truly curriculum you would expect to find in a preschool classroom without any of the junk you typically try to avoid elsewhere.”

AILA featured on The Strategist

“And as your child ages and develops, so too will this “edutainment system”; the activities grow ever more complex, so the system will remain appealing and educational for years.”

AILA featured on Best Products

“With curated content that is designed to stimulate your early learning, this tablet has AI technology that will keep your child engaged.”

AILA featured on Parenting Healthy

“I think I found the most genius learning screen ever made for babies and toddlers.”

Featured on
How to Use AILA Sit & Play

Three Easy Steps

Using AILA Sit & Play is as easy as 1, 2, 3! See how to get your child started on their learning journey with the award-winning AILA Sit & Play Preschool Learning System.

Turn on AILA Sit & Play daily

1. Broadcast for Exposure

Simply turn on the AILA Sit & Play every day. It will automatically play educational content in Broadcast Mode. Broadcast Mode works without Wi-Fi and can be used at home or on the go.

AILA Time is Family Time

2. Family Time

Join in with the learning! Make AILA Sit & Play a part of your daily routine. If you hear us practicing our numbers on Animal Island, try counting things around your home together.

At-Home Preschool Learning System for Toddlers

3. Learning Sessions

We recommend starting Learning Sessions within 4-6 weeks. Unlike Broadcast Mode, which plays a stream of our curated educational content, Learning Sessions are 15-minute educational experiences tailored for your little one.

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Animal Island Learning Adventure

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