AILA Sit & Play™ Accessories

Extend the joyful learning for your toddler with the entire AILA Sit & Play platform.

Secure Soft Base

With both feet out and looking cuter than ever, AILA stays seated in one place with the detachable suction base.


Protective Cuddle Case

A soft case with adorable ears designed to protect and perfectly fit your AILA Sit & Play device.


Hedgehog Plush

A nine-inch tall fuzzy snuggle buddy jumps from Animal Island into your toddler’s heart.


AILA Carrying Bag

The AILA carrying bag is made for you and your little one to keep your AILA essentials and toddler essentials in one convenient bag.


Power Accessories

for AILA Sit & Play

Charging Set


USB Charging Cable


USB Charging Brick


Animal Island Learning Adventure
Animal Island Learning Adventure
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