Essential Preschool Learning System for Toddlers

Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) is an essential virtual preschool learning system, exclusively on a toddler-friendly device that is hands-free, worry-free, all-in-one intelligent monitor and edutainment system.

Attentive, Supportive, and Responsive

A Loving Early Childhood Companion

Talking to your baby during pregnancy. Singing to your baby to sleep night after night. Now the moment your baby can sit up and explore the world in a whole new way with vision, sounds, and interactions, Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) is right here with you. You have the peace of mind that the stories, songs, and characters are created just for you and your baby.

No ads. No inappropriate content. No curation or filtering needed.

Education for Children
Education for Children

Daily Learning Adventures

Your toddler will sing along, read out loud, dance, learn ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes, words, and stories together with their animal friends. AILA’s curriculum provides quality preschool experiences and social emotional development to better prepare your child for preschool.

“I am a voice teacher, my husband an English professor, and we were both impressed with the iterative learning process of AILA Sit & Play. It exceeded my wildest expectations. The DMAI team has done amazing work in creating an at-home preschool experience.”

– Margaret

“With day care closed and both myself and my husband working from home, we are desperate trying to entertain our 2.5 year-old son. This device is really the only thing that helps keep him occupied! My favorite feature is checking in on him through the app.”

– Cissty

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Feb 2020

Tom Mott, Content Creative Director

Initial preorder announcement and introduction of AILA Sit & Play, a Virtual Preschool Learning System for Toddlers.

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Animal Island Learning Adventure
Animal Island Learning Adventure