Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA)

Give your child an early head start by joining the evolution of childhood learning with our original series.

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Attentive, Supportive, and Responsive

A Loving Early Childhood Companion

Talking to your baby during pregnancy. Singing to your baby to sleep night after night. Now the moment your baby can sit up and explore the world in a whole new way with vision, sounds, and interactions, Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) is right here with you. You have the peace of mind that the stories, songs, and characters are created just for you and your baby.

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Education for Children
Education for Children
Animal Island Learning Adventure

Animal Island

Where Every Day is a Learning Adventure

A fun and robust preschool curriculum that centers around a fun-filled island with a group of animal friends ready to say hello, sing, read, dance, stop and talk, and play games. The learning experiences offer toddlers and preschoolers opportunities to develop literacy, 21st Century, and STEAM skills. Our algorithms help manage screen time and while delivering the right content at the right time.


Meet The Cast

Mister Goose

Enthusiastic & Kind

Mister Goose is an enthusiastic and kind teacher. He may seem a bit absent-minded at times, but we have a strong hunch that’s just an act! Mister Goose is the first to greet the children each day. He announces the day’s topic and leads the children in circle time, story time, and other group activities.


Identify letters of the alphabet and make letter sound matches and develop print awareness.


Enjoy listening to and discussing storybooks and demonstrating understanding by asking and answering questions related to the real world.

Mister Goose - Animal Island Learning Adventure

Mister Frog

Creative & Adventurous

Mister Frog teaches music, enjoys traveling, and has all sorts of interesting artifacts tucked away in his backpack from his travel around the world. Mister Frog is the most adventurous of the characters. He focuses on creativity through his love of music and helps bridge Animal Island with the real world.


Participate in familiar sing-along songs, rhymes, and action songs to develop speaking and listening for enjoyment.


Develop vocabulary and new concepts through games, stories, and songs to use in his/her own speech.

Mister Frog - Animal Island Learning Adventure


Funny & Artistic

Pig enjoys hands-on projects and tinkering, and loves to dance! Pig works together with Mister Goose to teach key concepts and helps breaks down concepts into smaller, more discrete learning points.


Create association between visual cues and words.

Art & Dance

Foster intellectual development through art to increase memory and attention.

Pig - Animal Island Learning Adventure


Energetic & Athletic

Monkey is an energetic four year old. He’s rambunctious and fun-loving—a climber of trees and rocks who is sometimes off and running before fully knowing the task at hand. Monkey is everywhere and everyone’s friend. He is a talker and reinforces the concept of strong communication skills.


Use spoken language to communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs as well as describe experiences and observations.


Count 1 to 10 and demonstrate understanding of one-to-one correspondence and names for numbers.

Active, Kinesthetic, Physical

Demonstrate the importance of trial and error and learning from mistakes.

Monkey - Animal Island Learning Adventure


Intuitive & Collaborative

Fox is a natural leader with a knack for turning small tasks into fun group adventures. She is full of positive energy and ideas. She’s impulsive and spontaneous. Her best friend is Pig. Fox loves to collaborate and often initiates participatory games with other characters and the learner.


Teaches child to understand the importance of working with others, which helps foster strong communication skills.

Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking

Use existing knowledge, experience and problem solving to compare and contrast; particularly in STEM activities.

Fox - Animal Island Learning Adventure


Social Emotional Learning – Sweet & Friendly

Hedgehog, at three years old, is the youngest of the group. She loves playing with the “big kids.” Hedgehog is sweet, cozy, and eager to learn, but can get a bit “prickly” when faced with unfamiliar situations. Hedgehog exemplifies the importance of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) through her interactions with the other characters.


Teach association between feelings and behavior to enable a child to learn to exercise self-control.


Develops Social Emotional Skills and decreases stress in children.

Hedgehog - Animal Island Learning Adventure

The Creators

Tom Mott
Tom Mott

Creative Director

Karen Chiang
Karen Chiang

Content Director

Dr Delano Copprue
Dr. Delano Copprue


AILA Sit & Play

AILA Sit & Play

A hands-free, worry-free all-in-one intelligent monitor and edutainment system preloaded with our Original Series, Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) features a robust preschool curriculum that adapts to the needs of each child – the right content at the right time.

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Animal Island Learning Adventure
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