The Right Content at the Right Time

Built on Next-Gen AI

15 Minutes a Day.

Backed by research on optimizing screen time benefits, AILA teaches 1 key concept every day in an engaging set of diverse learning modules.

Adapts to your Child's Needs

AILA delivers content that adapts in real time to your child’s interest based on their physical and emotional reactions

Maximizes your Child's Learning Potential

AILA automatically detects when your child needs more exposure to curriculum concepts, delivering the right content at the right time

Kaylee was having trouble with the letter M so AILA would repeat the concept to her to get her engaged. Soon after that, I heard her repeating the ‘MMMM’ sound!

Kaylee's Parents

Blends into Real World Learning

AILA's app informs parents and caregivers what specific activities to follow up on.

Guides your Child to Preschool Curriculum Mastery

AILA picks up on subconscious signals and learning patterns of your little one that teachers and parents often miss, making sure that your child masters concepts before moving on

New Feature!

Introducing Learning Levels

Play & Learn grows with your child and extends the learning journey from 12 months to 60 months providing a complete preschool program and social emotional development to better prepare your child for preschool and kindergarten success

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AILA Adjusts to Your Child's Learning Style

Visual Learners

AILA uses engaging graphics, animations, and visual representations of Concepts to provide the best optimal learning format for Visual Learners.

Auditory Learners

AILA uses sound, stories, musics, and a diverse cast of voices to maximize the engagement of Auditory Learners.

Kinetic Learners

AILA uses interactive lessons encouraging movement, dancing, and repetition of gestures, to best teach Kinetic Learners.

Different Ways to Learn

Broadcast Mode

Just turn it on, and let the AILA Sit & Play automatically play educational content. Your child will naturally gravitate towards AILA once is starts a lesson.

Broadcast Mode works without Wi-Fi and can be used at home or on the go.

AILA Gets Better as Your Child Grows

With free content updates and ongoing improvements in AI, AILA will adjust its curriculum to your child's stage and needs for years to come

Don't Just Take It from Us

Hudson has always been a very fun kid and constantly on-the-go, but AILA’s 15 minute sessions taught him to sit, listen, and hold his attention for a longer time. Due to this, he’s now ready to go to our local preschool program.

Hudson's Parents

My granddaughter didn’t care too much about story time so the AI removed it instantly the moment she was lost interest. It customizes the learning to your child’s interest.


I can’t tell you how much I love this for Logan as well as my other grandchildren. It fits all of their different learning styles.

Logan's Grandma

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